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My Family

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Postman Pat Showbiz Pat #Review

Postman Pat Showbiz Pat

Characters Postman Pat Showbiz Pat has been brought out prior to the release of the first ever Postman Pat motion picture Postman Pat The Movie which is being released in May. In it Pat is seduced by the bright lights of the big city and auditions for a X-Factor-style singing competition, but finds that in his absence the post does not run smoothly. 

Showbiz Pat grooves along to the music, you simply press Pat's hand and watch him dance as the music plays! He's aimed at children 3+ and requires 3AA batteries to work.

We've been playing with our very own Showbiz Pat all week and have to say he's a rather delightful little fellow. He plays 3 different songs when you press his hand, each is only short but when you're a mum listening to them over and over again, short is a good thing! 

His uniform is lovely, it's blue and glittery with a red postmans badge in the corner of the blazer. He has nice big feet which help him to balance making him stand up easily. In his hand he holds a grey microphone which I guess he uses to sing into. Showbiz Pat is a lovely toy, he's interactive and great to play with. My little man loves him and runs around singing too. 

If you have a Postman Pat fan in your house then they will love this. Showbiz Pat is lots of fun!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Quit Smoking with a Vype Electronic Cigarette #Review

Quit Smoking with a Vype Electronic Cigarette 

If you are a smoker looking for a truly satisfying alternative to cigarettes then Vype could be for you. Vype electronic cigarettes offer adult smokers the sensations of smoking, but they're completely tobacco-free. Their Electronic Cigarettes offer a more realistic smoking experience, when you draw air through your Vype, an electronic heating element is activated, which vaporizes the e-liquid for inhalation. They use ECOpure which is one of the most reliable e-liquids available. Classic variant ECOpure contains only three ingredients: nicotine, glycerol and purified water. For our Menthol variant, we add ethanol and menthol.

Vype products are available in disposable or rechargeable (reload) format. Deciding which one to buy depends on how you like to Vype. The Vype Reload costs £14.99 for the starter kit. With up to 250 puffs per reload cartridge and a USB recharging system, Vype reload offers you a smooth and satisfying experience on the go. And it's one of the smallest rechargeable e-cigarettes on the market. It's also available in 3 flavours; Classic Bold or Regular or Menthol.

I'm not a smoker but Daddy is, so he's been giving this a try over the past few weeks. He liked the packaging and the contents and found everything really easy to put together and use. He didn't really like the taste of it too much but for me that's a good things as then he wouldn't want to use it too much meaning he could quit much quicker. He's given up smoking before but is now looking for an easier way to quit again. He's always wanted to try one of these as a lot of his friends use them whilst they are out so he was more than happy to test them for me.

He liked the actual Electron Cigarette itself, the shape and size were very comfortable to hold and very much like a real cigarette. He didn't however like the taste too much so I'm guessing this one just isn't for him. He's so glad he got to finally try them though as at least he can now say that he tried. What one person doesn't like though another person will love. 

What did you use to help you stop smoking?

Disclosure: We were sent the Vype started kit for the purpose of this review but the opinions expressed are 100% honest and always my own.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Zumba Exhilarate 4 DVD Program #Review

Zumba Exhilarate 4 DVD Program

Shed the Pounds. Feel the Thrill. Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Move it, shake it and rock it out with red-hot dance steps and pulsating Latin and world rhythms. With the four-disc Exhilarate Body Shaping System, you won't want to stop. Crank up the music, torch the calories and turn your at-home workout into a rockin’ dance-fitness party!

Now you can own the Exhilarate Body Shaping System at its best value as a 4-DVD set plus Bonus! You'll get five exhilarating workouts with varying levels of intensity:

Step by Step - A Basic Guide to Break Down the Steps.
Activate - A 45-Minute, Easy-to-Follow Class to Get You Started.
Ripped: Zumba Toning - The Body-Sculpting Workout Featuring Exclusive Maraca-Like Zumba .Toning Sticks and Mix - A Rhythmic Journey Around the World.
Exhilarate - The Original Full-Length Fitness-Party Experience.

Plus, get a 5th DVD as a bonus:
Rush - A 20-minute workout to amp you up.

This set also includes:

One (1) pair of 1lb. Zumba Toning Sticks
Exhilarate Program Guide featuring a 10-day weight loss plan and more.

This Zumba Exhilarate 4 DVD Program would cost your around £49.99 which isn't that bad when you think of the cost of Zumba classes, with this set you get to do as many classes as you like from the privacy of your own home which I really did prefer. There's no feeling self conscience or feeling silly that others are watching you. It's just you and your TV screen.

If you like dancing like I do then this could be a fun way to get fitter this Summer. There's 5 different classed to do and each one has nice and easy to follow onscreen instructions. 

I've been trying this set out over the past few weeks and have to say that I'm actually quite enjoying it. It's been lots of fun, as well as a bit of hard work. Who knew that dancing could be so tiring, it's all been a great experience though. With me doing my own personal Zumba classes at home twice a week, I'm sure I will be a lot happier with my tum this summer.

Do you go to a Zumba class or would this be more your thing? I'd love to hear about your Zumba experiences. Comments are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Disclosure: I was sent my Zumba Exhilarate set for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

I need an Easter Pick Me Up! #Review

Hotel Chocolat Easter Pick Me Up Gift Bag

Hotel Chocolat's Easter Pick Me Up Gift Bag is full of uplifting Easter goodies and seasonal specialties to nibble! These bite sizes treats are the perfect size for sharing with all the family this Easter or keeping to yourself if you choose. It costs £13 and contains: Contents - 6 White Praline Bunnies, 6 Salted Caramel Egglets, 4 Raspberry Zinger Egglets.

£13 may sound like a lot for a small pack of chocolates but these are truly worth every penny and I would pay it time and time again! Hotel Chocolat really know their stuff when it comes to making the best chocolates. Not only do they come beautifully presented in a gorgeous gift bag but each smaller selection then comes individually wrapped for that extra freshness. 

My children loved the cute White Praline Bunnies, these high-cocoa white chocolate Easter bunnies are filled with a smooth hazelnut milk chocolate praline and taste delicious. Luckily there's 6 of these lovely treat which means there's plenty for one each to enjoy. They may be little but don't be fooled as they're packed full of flavour and fun.

If you like something sweet then the Raspberry Zinger Egglets are going to blow you away. You get 4 gorgeously smooth raspberry truffles with a zingy touch of lime, balanced in a creamy white chocolate ganache. These are amazing! The sweetness is so good and that tiny taste of bitter lime makes for a very pleasant taste sensation.

Last but not least was my favourite, the Salted Caramel Egglets. I am a huge caramel fan but I have never tasted anything quite like these. Theses tiny little chocolate eggs a sure slice of heaven, they're full to the brim of smooth, flowing salted caramel. Be careful when you bite them as they can get a little messy, but in a good way of course. Even though there were 6 of these I do have a little confession to make, I ate them ALL by myself. They were just so good, way too good to share. I think I've found myself a new favourite sweet treat, these are amazing!

So whether it's your taste buds or just your spirits that need an Easter Pick Me Up, you definitely won't be disappointed with this gorgeous little gift bag. It really has something for everyone, the caramel lovers, the fruit cravers and the white chocolate cuties. 

Disclosure:  I was sent my Easter Pick Me Up Gift Bag for the purpose of this review but my opinions expressed are 100% honest and all my own.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set #Review

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set

This gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set from Find Me A Gift is currently on sale for only £6.49. They would normally sell for £9.99 but have a 35% saving at the moment.  It's a delightful pampering gift for chocoholics aged 10 to 100.

The Bath bombs are the perfect luxury gift for any chocoholic. You simply drop the chocolate bath bomb of your choice into the water and watch it fizz, softly transforming the bathroom into a beautiful mix of chocolate aromas. 

This Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set comes with 6 different flavoured bath melts such as; chocolate buttercup, mocha, chocolate orange and vanilla. You can relax as the bath bombs dissolve, and slowly release their Cocoa and Shea Fruit Butters into the water to moisturise and soften your skin.

I've been trying these out over the past few days and have to see say they are very pretty. It seemed a real shame to drop them into my bath when they looked so lovely sitting in their box but I managed it in the end. They fizz very slowly and make your bath water go a cloudy colour. They smell delicious but please don't be tempted to eat them as they're not edible.

These Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts are very nice, they look great before use and melt into your bath to smell lovely and make your skin all soft and lovely after. For just £6.49 they're a real bargain and could make a great treat for someone you know. You would never know how cheap they were by looking at them, they're made to a really high quality and look beautiful. 

I've used 3 of my Bath Melts so far and have really enjoyed using every one. I still have 3 more to go which I do have to say I'm quite looking forward to using in my next bath. What do you put in your bath? Have you tried Bath Cosmetics Bath Melts before?

Disclosure: I was sent a box of Bath Cosmetics Bath Melts for the purpose of this review but that doesn't influence my opinions expressed as they are always 100% honest and my own.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Days Out! There's a New Penguin Ice Adventure In the Sea Life Centre Birmingham!

Days Out! There's a New Penguin Ice Adventure In the Sea Life Centre Birmingham!

So yesterday we all became VIP's for the day at our local Sea Life Centre Birmingham. We were so lucky and got to meet the amazing new Gentoo Penguins days before they open to the public on Monday 7th April. The new Ice Adventure features are truly wonderful and a great addition to the their already magical Sea Life Centre. 

When we arrived at around 11am it was still night time in the penguins home, the lights were dimmed very low and most of the penguins were still sleeping. It was so lovely to see them behaving naturally, like they would if they were still at home in New Zealand. 

Although it's nice and warm on our side of the glass it didn't look so cosy on their side, well not for us humans anyway. They looked very happy, there was a huge pool of water as well as an icy surface too. Inside the Ice Adventure there was an Ice Wall where you could put your hands on to feel the cold temperatures that the penguins feel. I did stick my hand on it and have to say it was freezing, so cold in fact that after a few seconds my hand began to stick!

The penguins were beautiful and so funny, their quirky characteristics sure shone through. Ryan was totally fascinated, he sat watching them for ages and didn't want to leave them. We enjoyed their cute company for around an hour before setting off to enjoy the rest of the Sea Life Centre. We'd never been before so it was so exciting for us all, a whole new family adventure. There was so much to see and do and lots of animals and creatures to explore. 

We got to see a fun Spongebob film in 4D where we got bumped around as our seat moved and spayed in the face by water jets. Bubbles floated around our heads and children laughed aloud, it really was a magical 10 minutes for all of us.

We got to stroke a Starfish and touch a real life Crab which was kinda scary but also really fun. We got to see Nemo and his friends and watch the Stingrays in their huge tank. Ryan loved the Rays tank as there was some really big fish in there which he decided to call 'Big Bad Barry' after the big fish in his favorite TV show 'Ben and Holly'.

We got to see the sharks as they swam above our heads in the underwater tunnel and check out the Jelly Fish in their ultraviolet tanks. The kids had an amazing day, there really was lots to see and do inside the centre. We took part in little challenges and answered questions about what we saw which earned us stamos in our books as we went along. Completing these fun tasks earned each of them a little reward from the gift shop, a gold medal! All 3 of them were delighted and so pleased they had taken part, it gave them a real sense of achievement and sent them home feeling very happy about their visit.

The new Penguin Ice Adventure was amazing and we really had a wonderful time. If you're a penguin lover then this is definitely one place to add on your 'Place To Go' list this Easter. This new and exciting exhibition opens to the public on Monday April 7th. I'm sure it's going to be a very popular attraction, I know I can't wait to go back and see them soon!